Presently, I’m writing a book about the Judgment of Paris, the wine tasting in 1976 where Napa Valley wines bested French wines in a blind tasting, that forever changed the world of wine, and by extension the world at large. This is due out from The History Press in May of 2023.

My most recent book is Think Higher, Feel Deeper: Holocaust education in the secondary classroom, a book born of eighteen years spent teaching about the Holocaust in high school classrooms, combined with my work with various museums and universities, in particular the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Approaching the Holocaust in your classroom can be a difficult, often daunting task. This practical guide for English and social studies teachers features lessons learned from the author’s 17 years of experience teaching the subject in public schools, as well as his work with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Using anecdotes and empirical data, Gudgel offers advice for teaching the Holocaust in a way that is nuanced, socially responsible, and historically accurate. He provides guidance on common challenges and questions teachers will encounter, such as correcting misconceptions, using films, and discussing genocide with secondary students. While World War II grows ever more distant in the past, the lessons of the Holocaust are perhaps more relevant today than ever before. It may never be easy to teach about the Holocaust, but it can be done in ways that make it edifying and empowering, rather than causing despair. This approach is as important for educators as it is for their students.

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